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Cheetah Broadband

For Rizaleños, by Rizaleños.

Cheetah Broadband is staying true to its commitment of providing Rizaleños with quality and affordable cable and internet services.
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Service Areas

Cheetah Broadband strides and unleashes its top speed in Rizal offered by these companies:

  • Skyline CATV Industries Inc.
  • Binangonan Cable TV Corporation 
  • Kabayan Cable Corporation
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Cheetah Broadband

Our Mission

Cheetah Broadband’s brand promise emanates from its commitment to serve and empower Rizaleños through high-speed, affordable, and reliable internet and cable TV services. Its belief is that every household and enterprise in Rizal must have access to internet and cable TV that provides the best value for money and that supports them in their everyday needs, the kind of service that they truly deserve. Cheetah Broadband – for Rizaleños, by Rizaleños.

Our Vision

The vision of Cheetah Broadband is anchored on its foundational aspects – the core vision, its credibility, its future plans, and its continuing brand growth. Cheetah Broadband is envisioned to be the leading and preferred internet and cable service provider in the whole of Rizal that will continue to serve its expanding community of subscribers and address the need for reliable and affordable package solutions to Rizaleños. With more than two decades of experience, Cheetah Broadband aspires to build on its credibility as a company and ensure that its brand remains relevant by adapting in the changing times and increasing competitive landscape. To serve and reach more Rizaleños, expansion plans are laid out for the future of Cheetah Broadband to cover the entire area of the Rizal province with the latest infrastructure and technology provisions.
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Our History



Cheetah Broadband was introduced as a Value Added Service in 2006 by Skyline CATV Industries, Inc. and Binangonan Cable TV Corporation (BCTV), at a time when both companies were leading a stronghold in providing cable TV services to residents within Rizal. They introduced its cable internet services to address the increasing demand for faster, reliable, and trusted internet in the area. Docsis technology (data over cable system) had an edge over DSL lines being offered by the telco providers. We stay true to our commitment to offer unlimited, affordable internet to Rizaleños.



Cheetah Broadband was likewise introduced as a value added service of Kabayan Cable Corporation in 2012 when it started providing cable TV services to residents in Taytay, Rizal. HIPTV was introduced to its cable TV system by offering digital HD video service to level up the viewing experience of the subscribers, providing 24-hours non-stop total entertainment.



Starting 2016, Cheetah Broadband started to deploy FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) for its expansion project. It continues to invest heavily in latest carrier-grade equipment in its commitment to provide high speed internet with lower latency, network redundancy for reliability. As of today, its project of overlaying FTTH network is nearing 100% completion.

Cheetah Today


To date, Cheetah Broadband bundled with more than 100 digital cable TV programs is available in the 10 municipalities in Rizal namely, Taytay, Angono, Binangonan, Cardona, Morong, Teresa, Baras, Tanay, Pilillas and Jala-Jala. We have six (6) office branches strategically located in Taytay, Angono, Binangonan, Morong, Teresa and Tanay to better serve our subscribers.

With a growing customer care call center and support team, we aim to reach more areas in Rizal in the coming years and continue to live up to our commitment of providing Rizaleños with quality and affordable cable and internet services.