Terms and Conditions

1. Cheetah Broadband Internet service is bundled with one (1) cable TV connection. Additional cable TV extension is with a separate monthly service fee.

2. Bundled rate is VAT inclusive with applicable lock-in period. One (1) year lock-in via Coax connection and two (2) years lock-in via Fiber connection.

3. One-time installation fee is P 1000.00, subject to change without prior notice.

4. One-month deposit equivalent to the (MSF) Monthly Service Fee of the subscribed package is required.

5. Cable modem will be provided as part of the service, which shall remain as property of the company.

6. Drop cable in excess of 100 ft. and other excess drop shall be charged to customer.

7.  Pre-termination fee shall be equivalent to the (MSF) Monthly Service Fee of the remaining months within the lock-in period.